City of Vineland

Representing the largest capital project in the City’s history, SourceOne oversaw the design, engineering and successful permitting of the Simple Cycle Power Plant (SCPP) of Vineland.


Over the years, to receive power to their homes, Vineland residents have had to pay for the capacity provided by the ISO (independent system operator), as well as retail market price for electricity because Vineland electric utility could not cost effectively provide the capacity or produce the energy.

To better serve their residents, the Vineland Municipal Electric Utility (VMEU) sought to develop a 64 MW peaking generating plant with the understanding that this investment in energy infrastructure would help VMEU provide power to its residents in a cost effective way.



SourceOne’s has been involved in several aspects of the Vineland project. SourceOne professionals began by providing consulting and guidance around plant design and drawings, and later overseeing engineering and successful permitting of the Simple Cycle Power Plant (SCPP).

With the design phase complete, SourceOne will now provide technical support during the plant’s construction.



By putting in the peaker Vineland residents no longer have to pay the system operator for the capacity charge. In addition, when electricity prices are high in the wholesale market, Vineland’s new plant will be able to generate energy at a lower cost, saving the residents money.

Additionally, Southern New Jersey has implemented a lot of Solar PV capacity over that past few years.  Vineland’s new plant will act as a hedge, or buffer for those times when the sun-derived energy dissipates due to climate changes.  The new plant has the ability to be online within just a few minutes, adding robustness to the transmission network.