All Testing & Commissioning Services



As a leading-edge power and energy solutions consulting firm, the Power Technologies division of SourceOne focuses on the commissioning, maintenance, operations and energy management of high reliability environments for facilities where power is viewed as mission critical to their operations. We have decades of experience commissioning large Class A buildings and mission critical facilities for public and private entities all over the country. We also have considerable experience helping large facilities with power master planning, including mission critical engineering projects for several of the world's leading data center colocation providers, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and universities.   

Our philosophical approach on Commissioning Projects can be defined by two words; Thoroughness and Communication.  As a Professional Engineer, those are the two hallmarks that keep people and facilities safe and efficient.  We have personally strived to develop a cohesive team of engineers and technicians that work effectively with owners, architects/engineers and builders to ensure that the facility operates as intended.  


We provide all of the normally required testing and maintenance services for power distribution, generation, and utilization equipment, including but not limited to: