Conditions Assessment & Forensics

Before moving into or buying a new facility, it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Steps should be taken to have accurate inventory and quality measures of electrical and mechanical equipment so you have a baseline of your equipment on move-in day. Condition Assessments help identify risk before purchasing a facility, and also identify any necessary repairs or upgrades to existing equipment.


SourceOne engineers inspect and evaluate the electrical and mechanical equipment in question; review their installation documents and operating records; and interview the appropriate facilities managers, vendors, engineers, technicians and any other relevant personnel in connection with the systems installation and operation.


Our professionals propose recommendations on improvements to optimize systems for business operations.

SourceOne also provides Forensics services for clients who already own or occupy facilities experiencing a failure with an electrical or mechanical system. Leveraging years of experience troubleshooting and resolving electrical and mechanical system anomalies, SourceOne will perform forensics to find the root cause of the failure and draw up a likely scenario. We guide clients to take steps to avoid similar system issues in the future.