Energy Master Planning

For many facilities, energy contributes significantly to operational cost and risk. As a recurring, long-term expense, energy presents an opportunity for proactive management. An energy master plan gives you the information you need to take the future of your site’s energy efficiency and reliability into your own hands. 

Creating an energy master plan begins with thoroughly reviewing and documenting  a site’s energy systems, utility infrastructure, and future energy needs. The next step is to combine this information and develop a forward-looking, holistic energy strategy focused on the optimizing existing assets, hedging future energy risks, and growing for the future sustainably. SourceOne works collaboratively with customers to strategically identify, assess, and prioritize their energy needs and infrastructure requirements



Our analysis focuses on three key areas:

  • Power Availability (Supply-side). Is the utility infrastructure (electric and thermal) at your site adequate to meet your needs? Is distributed generation viable? Can you save money by procuring gas or electricity differently? SourceOne works to define practical strategies to ensure you get sufficient power flow at a price within your operating budget.
  • Facility Energy Efficiency (Demand-side). What energy conservations measures will give you the best bang for your buck? How can you reduce your facility’s greenhouse gas emissions? SourceOne engineers have extensive experience conducting energy audits. We evaluate all elements of your energy portfolio including lighting, HVAC, building fabric and building controls to help you save.
  • Conditions Assessment (Energy Assets). When are major energy assets such as boilers,chillers, generators, and switchgears due for inspection or replacement? What is the physical condition of out-of-sight, out-of-mind energy distribution infrastructure such as electrical cables and steam pipes? SourceOne understands that improved energy supply and efficiency will not get you closer to your energy goals if the pipes and wires between them fail.

We produce an options-analysis and energy management plan based on the criteria that matter to you: capital requirements, net present value, reliability, environmental impact, land use impact, community impact, as well as impact on operations and maintenance.

SourceOne has conducted several master plans for clients ranging from universities, healthcare campuses, cities, and state agencies. We have consistently helped customers increase operational reliability while reducing operational costs and carbon emissions. Our energy team supports our clients through all phases of the process to identify key goals and deliver an actionable plan.