End-to-End Metering Solutions



Advanced metering systems that use web-enabled communications to transmit utility data in real or near real-time make it easier for organizations, building owners and facility managers to better understand, recover (bill / allocate), and control their utility costs.   

For over 15 years, SourceOne has been a leader in designing, implementing, and managing utility metering and submetering systems for some of the nation’s largest real estate portfolios, health care institutions, universities, and government agencies.  As a vendor and technology neutral consultant we work with customers to develop a “smart” metering design that best meets their business requirements and allows for future expansion and technology flexibility.




Our end-to-end approach starts with designing the metering system, furnishing & commissioning equipment, providing project management & on-site oversight during construction/installation, and providing on-going meter data management services through our internally developed, web-based energy and utility data management platform EMSYS.


Learn more about SourceOne’s full suite of metering and sub-metering solutions:

Revenue Recovery Studies 
Developing sub-metering billing strategies, Public Light & Power Surveys, Rent Inclusion Surveys, Riser Diagrams, and more

System Design 
Developing metering specification & network architecture

Installation & Commissioning 
Project Management, Commissioning, Meter Startup, Programming (RTU, Firewall, etc.)

System Maintenance 
Investigating meters, troubleshooting, verifying commissioning