Energy Efficiency Services


How much energy does my facility use? What are my best options for cost savings? How will I comply with increasingly stringent regulations and reporting standards? These are all critical questions that building owners and managers are asking as we transition to a leaner, cleaner building stock. 

The team of dedicated energy efficiency experts and carbon consultants at SouceOne are able to provide a full suite of energy efficiency engineering services.  We identify cost-saving energy conservation and planning opportunities and are able to support our clients through various programs aimed to achieve a sustainable future.

Our energy experts have analyzed energy conservation strategies in all types of commercial and industrial facilities from office towers, to aluminum smelters and wastewater treatment plants.   As a full service energy consulting company, SourceOne not only identifies cost-saving energy conservation and planning opportunities for our clients; we also support our clients through all phases of design and implementation, ensuring projects are built on time and on budget. We have years of experience routinely performing mechanical and electrical systems feasibility and needs assessment studies to compare design concepts and options to quantify costs versus needs of integrating and installing energy conservation measures to an existing facility.

With experts in energy auditing, renewable energy solutions, cogeneration, master planning, retro-commissioning and more, SourceOne helps customers improve on their operational efficiency and make key savings

Our energy efficiency services include, but are not limited to: