Benchmarking & Reporting

Benchmarking and reporting are critical elements of any energy management strategy. Benchmarking provides context for your emission and energy consumption data by enabling you to compare your performance against similar customers or industry standards. It is also a practical method to identify anomalies in energy cost and usage. Outliers often indicate inefficient facilities or equipment with substantial cost and emission reduction opportunities. Reporting provides a formal way to share your progress with important stakeholders such as regulators, customers and shareholders.

Whether you are driven by regulatory compliance, cost reduction, or just want to prove your green credentials, SourceOne’s expertise in benchmarking and reporting will provide the information you need to move forward confidently.



EnergyStar Portfolio Manager is an energy and water management reporting tool created by the Environmental Protection Agency to help building managers and owners measure energy efficiency in a standardized way. Some cities such as New York, Boston and Seattle have passed mandatory benchmarking laws and use EnergyStar as their preferred reporting tool. For complex properties and facilities, EnergyStar reporting can be complicated and time-consuming. SourceOne’s energy analysts can guide you through the reporting process so you can reap the benefits without the headache.



Collecting GHG data and understanding your carbon footprint can be a challenging process. SourceOne provides clarity and direction in managing carbon emissions. SourceOne identifies all direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scopes 2 & 3) emissions following the Department of Energy’s GHG emissions protocol. We also collect billing, usage, production, emissions or other relevant data for all identified emissions sources and manage that data stream on a continuous basis. The collected information will provide a holistic view of your carbon footprint and is available through SourceOne’s online reporting system.



SourceOne works closely with organizations to establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as kWh/sq ft and MMBTU/occupant for your facilities, buildings and projects. KPIs can distill a great deal of information within a single number when paired with proper reporting. Our energy analysts draw on their experience to provide context for those numbers, helping you develop a holistic understanding of your energy.