Re-commissioning and retro-commissioning

Retro-commissioning involves the systematic process of testing and re-testing a representative sample of building equipment to ensure that it is working properly and that performance is optimized.  The objective is to identify low-cost, no cost operational and maintenance efficiency measures.  Commissioning can be performed continuously, periodically, and retroactively and has proven to provide 15-20% energy savings, in addition to reductions in maintenance costs.  

In certain states and cities, retro-commissioning studies are being required as part of initiatives to achieve energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction targets.  These studies are often covered through utility technical assistance incentive funding programs.

As Commissioning Engineers and Owner’s Agents, SourceOne has worked with large and small scale clients on projects including hospitals, office buildings, academic facilities, laboratories, museums, vivariums, data centers, and manufacturing facilities.  We have extensive experience in providing retro-commissioning services for facilities that have never gone through a full commissioning process. By testing all installed equipment, our engineers verify proper installation, compliance with required specifications and operational efficiency, generating significant savings in facility, system and equipment life cycle costs.