Engineering Consulting


As energy consultants, we are problem solvers. We understand the difference between having broad energy goals and making a specific plan to achieve those goals. With 15 plus years of energy consulting experience, we turn our customers’ energy objectives into actionable plans. SourceOne specializes in helping our customers define their challenges and identify a viable solution that fits within their budgetary and scheduling constraints.


Energy Master Planning
For many facilities, energy contributes significantly to operational cost and risk. As a recurring, long-term expense, energy presents an opportunity for proactive management. An energy master plan gives you the information you need to take your energy future into your own hands. More…


Conditions Assessment and Forensics
Before moving into or buying a new facility, steps should be taken to have accurate inventory and quality measures of electrical and mechanical equipment. Condition assessments help identify risk and any necessary repairs or upgrades to equipment before purchasing a facility. More…


Short Circuit Coordination and Arc Flash Studies
SourceOne performs Short-Circuit and Coordination Studies to determine proper coordination of overcurrent protection devices. Lack of coordination between overcurrent devices can result in upstream devices opening and needlessly interrupting power in other parts of the electrical distribution system.