Metering System Design & Network Architecture

Remote sub-metering technologies provide the ability to analyze utility information in real-time and allow operators to evaluate and adjust usage to drive cost savings.  They also allow facilities to allocate cost to individual tenants or energy consuming assets.

More advanced meters can deliver power quality metering data in real time, improving the ability to perform predictive maintenance on equipment when combined with analytics and utility management software.  The levels and type of information required are identified during the analysis and assessment of the business case at the beginning of a smart metering project.  SourceOne’s metering group has extensive expertise designing, implementing, and integrating advanced sub-metering platforms with specific emphasis on systems that make use of open-protocol, non-proprietary communications.  


A good design ensures that the specified metering system matches the client's business needs and requirements.  It also should clearly identify the network architecture for communicating data remotely back to a local server or cloud hosted solution.

Following the completion of the design, we develop a bid specification then we walk through the job with electrical contractors and mechanical trades to ensure that they understand the scope of the effort and the client receives the best value.  


Vornado Realty Trust
Sub-metering technologies recover multi-million dollars of utility costs.  Vornado has been a pioneer in the sub-metering of its properties, and SourceOne has guided them through the process of reaching a fully designed, scalable and innovative solution.

Smart Metering Solution for Massachusetts Municipality
Massachusetts Municipality invests in innovative metering technology to enable residents to better manage their energy use and reduce spend and greenhouse gas emissions.