Metering System Maintenance & Troubleshooting

A utility metering system, whether used for billing or energy management, is only as good as the accuracy of the data.  SourceOne has a team of engineers and meter technicians who routinely perform service visits and coordinate maintenance activities to ensure that the meters are reading accurately and troubleshoot issues like data spikes or loss of network connectivity.  

Most of our meter data management engagements have provisions for on-call or annual maintenance to ensure their operations continue to run smoothly.  Almost all work is performed in-house to provide our clients with a single point of contact to address any issues should they arise.

For remote systems, our analysts perform daily interval data checks to identify any gaps or spikes in data.  In addition to data flags on consumption and demand, we utilize an industry leading network monitoring system which shows us connectivity status for all points on our system and has built-in alarms if there are any drops. 


Vornado Realty Trust
Sub-metering technologies recover multi-million dollars of utility costs.  Vornado has been a pioneer in the sub-metering of its properties, and SourceOne has guided them through the process of reaching a fully designed, scalable and innovative solution.

Smart Metering Solution for Massachusetts Municipality
Massachusetts Municipality invests in innovative metering technology to enable residents to better manage their energy use and reduce spend and greenhouse gas emissions.