Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is performed on newly installed mechanical or electrical equipment to verify the integrity and operability of the equipment. Each piece of equipment may require custom-designed testing tailored to the site. SourceOne professionals are experienced in a wide-variety of facility settings. We draw on this expertise to design and conduct testing for a wide range of medium and low voltage electrical distribution equipment including: protective relays, circuit breakers, transformers, cables, switchboards, panels, switches, generators, motors and motor starters.


We inspect equipment for conformance to design and specifications, and review contractor installation checklist. Under the guidelines of The InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA), SourceOne ensures full operability of electrical systems before start-up.


SourceOne will coordinate and oversee the system start-up to verify and document proper operation and performance of individual components and equipment. We produce a report describing test procedures, deficiencies observed, and any required corrective actions so you can be confident your facility will perform under the expected range of operating modes and conditions.
We also conduct perform testing and preventative maintenance for equipment on an ongoing basis.