Power Quality Monitoring

Power quality issues can be detrimental to the operation of your business. Problems can be doubly damaging when there is sensitive equipment, such as computers involved. Poor power quality can result in unexpected computer rebooting resulting in equipment damage, lost data and reduced productivity. Because the symptoms can easily be confused as hardware or software malfunctions, however, poor power quality can be difficult to diagnose.

Actively monitoring power quality can provide opportunities to address issues before they have an impact. By installing power quality instrumentation on specific portions of the power distribution system, SourceOne can detect whether operations are at risk and ensure facilities and equipment are operating at optimal efficiency.

Techniques to reduce the risk of power quality problems are relatively inexpensive, particularly when installed during construction or during retrofits or renovation.

Power quality measurements can also be used to help customers develop a load profile. Load profiles will identify the minimum, average and maximum demand for the power being measured. The load profiles also indicate total harmonic distortion, and capture any voltage sags and/or transients that may be generated within the facility, or caused by utility voltage regulation techniques.