Thermographic Scanning

It is difficult to find a problem before it happens, but performing predictive/preventative maintenance helps energy systems avoid otherwise preventable damage throughout the life of power equipment.

By detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, infrared thermography allows corrective actions to be taken before electrical, mechanical, or process equipment malfunctions. Avoidance of systems failure will often pay for the inspection several times over.



SourceOne’s Electrical ThermoSpection™ Survey uses infrared thermography and physical inspection to pinpoint thermal problems and other non-thermal related anomalies or code violations that could potentially get in the way of the safe and effective operation of a facility’s electrical infrastructure.

Experienced and certified infrared thermographers diligently survey a facility’s electrical and mechanical systems to ensure their thermographic profiles are normal, visually inspect all surveyed items, and where necessary, recommend corrections or enhancements to help improve overall maintenance and reliability, and reduce the possibility of equipment failures.

SourceOne conducts a complete thermal inspection and a thorough condition assessment of all surveyed electrical equipment on an annual basis, allowing us to capture trends in the facility’s electrical infrastructure thermal performance year after year.