Strategic Load Management


For many energy users, a substantial portion of their annual energy spend is based on their demand during just one or a few system-wide peak hours. This means that a slight change in the shape of your load profile—shaving or shifting load during system-peak hours—can result in disproportionate savings on your energy bills.

SourceOne can help you minimize these capacity or demand-based charges. First, we analyze your load profile and the terms of your supply contract to evaluate your exposure to capacity charges. Second, we work collaboratively with you to determine your load flexibility (non-critical load) and make a plan to shift or shave load when appropriate. Finally, we provide alerts warning you in advance of potential system-peak days. These alerts are based on our forecast of system load that incorporates factors such as temperature, humidity and historical load.

Each independent system operator (ISO) and regional transmission organization (RTO) sets capacity tags or peak load contributions slightly differently. SourceOne’s energy analysts understand the nuances between the each region’s rules and tailor their advice to fit each customer’s needs.


As wholesale market operators explore ways to minimize costs while increasing grid reliability, demand-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Demand response is a practice in which consumers are paid for commitments to reduce their electricity consumption (usually during periods of peak energy demand or grid instability).

SourceOne can help you determine if participating in demand response makes sense for you. If so, we can serve as an intermediary between you and the demand response provider to ensure that the terms of the contract are favorable with regard to your performance requirements and how much demand response revenue you receive.

Learn more about how SourceOne can help you minimize your exposure to capacity costs and cash in on demand response by reading our Capacity Markets blog series!



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