Market Advisory & Supply Management

Utility Rate & Tariff Analysis


In certain locations and scenarios, the regulated utility may offer the best option for purchasing gas and power. The rates that utilities charge are governed by the utility tariff that is approved by the state’s Public Utility Commission. Because of load changes over time or inaccurate initial rate class determination for an account, it is not uncommon to identify significant savings by moving an account to its appropriate tariff or rate class. Tariff analysis is particularly important for customers with large and complicated load profiles or that have recently had a significant change in business operations.

SourceOne offers highly customized tariff analysis and utility rate validation to our customers. Because it requires detailed inspection of both the customer’s seasonal and daily load profiles and the tariff, this service must be performed manually by a specialized analyst who has a comprehensive understanding of the market components that impact utility rate class assignment. This service is distinct from automated rate validation protocols offered by some utility data software platforms. Through our expert analysis, SourceOne has helped customers correct rate errors that have saved literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual energy costs.