Performance Management


The era of big data has arrived and energy management is no outlier. Increasingly, effective energy management is becoming synonymous with intelligent energy data management. As with all the domains in which big data is gaining traction, the challenge is threefold: (1) collect the right data; (2) collect enough data; and (3) analyze the data intelligently to guide decision-making. With a network of over 15,000 meters plugged into our internally-developed, cloud-based energy data management platform, EMsys, SourceOne has the expertise to turn your energy data into an energy strategy.




SourceOne energy analysts work in collaboration with our customers to understand key performance indicators and configure real-time screens and reporting to facilitate process improvements.  Our performance management tools make it possible to monitor utility usage (electricity, water, gas, steam) in real or near-real time. Using predictive analytics, we leverage historical data to produce forward-looking budgets for energy consumption and cost.

Collectively, these tools can be used to limit both demand and consumption-based energy costs. Based on our expert understanding of energy market dynamics, SourceOne can advise you on how and when to reduce usage in order to minimize peak load and the associated demand charges. We also benchmark your energy consumption against similar facilities or industry standards to help identify promising energy conservation measures.





Vornado Realty Trust
Sub-metering technologies recover multi-million dollars of utility costs.  Vornado has been a pioneer in the sub-metering of its properties, and SourceOne has guided them through the process of reaching a fully designed, scalable and innovative solution.

Smart Metering Solution for Massachusetts Municipality
Massachusetts Municipality invests in innovative metering technology to enable residents to better manage their energy use and reduce spend and greenhouse gas emissions.