Sub-meter Tenant Billing

SourceOne metering and energy management group is widely recognized as an industry leading provider of advanced utility metering and real-time meter data management solutions.  We manage over 15,000 meters on a monthly basis and provide sub-meter reading and billing services for some of the nation’s largest Class A real estate portfolios and mixed-use campuses.  


We employ a team of highly qualified Analysts, Account Managers, and IT Specialists dedicated to assisting our metering customers on a daily basis.  These individuals work around the clock to maintain our rate engines, review tariffs, prepare tenant bill summaries, ensure data accuracy and look for anomalies; all to provide our clients with the assurance that their meters are accurately and transparently billed.

Our sub-meter reading & billing services are based around our web-based utility management platform, EMSYS - a powerful and secure web-based dashboard platform that gives building owners, managers, and their tenants easy access to the tools needed to manage energy usage and costs in real-time. 




Finally, we have an expert team of field engineers and metering technicians who possess decades of experience designing, commissioning, and integrating robust and cost effective metering solutions.  Through frequent interaction with our metering clients, our analysts, account managers, and engineers are able to quickly respond to site changes, new meter setup requirements, and any billing inquiries.   The result is a full service partner with the ability to deliver unparalleled service throughout the complete energy management value chain.





Vornado Realty Trust
Sub-metering technologies recover multi-million dollars of utility costs.  Vornado has been a pioneer in the sub-metering of its properties, and SourceOne has guided them through the process of reaching a fully designed, scalable and innovative solution.

Smart Metering Solution for Massachusetts Municipality
Massachusetts Municipality invests in innovative metering technology to enable residents to better manage their energy use and reduce spend and greenhouse gas emissions.