Utility Coordination


Gas and electric utility interconnection is a critical step in construction projects and major renovations. The process involves coordinating between several parties including the site owner, project developer, contractors, utilities, and regulatory bodies (e.g. Department of Public Utilities). There are frequently technical and bureaucratic challenges associated with the interconnection process, which can have severe consequences on both the project’s cost and schedule. To avoid unnecessary costs and delays, it is critical to have an expert representing your interests throughout the interconnection.

SourceOne provides utility coordination services to site owners and project developers for both temporary and permanent gas and electric interconnection. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the timely activation of utility services to the site at minimal cost to the site owner. Our responsibilities include:

  • Serve as a liaison between all parties and represent the client’s interest at meetings
  • Navigate state and municipal regulatory and permitting processes
  • Coordinate design and construction efforts among utility engineers, construction personnel, and contractors
  • Monitor construction progress to identify and resolve issues
  • Reviewing final electric and gas rates and utility tariffs to verify the site is under the appropriate rate(s)

Successful utility coordination requires deep experience in a breadth of domains—construction management, utility standards, tariff analysis and project development. In over fifteen years of energy consulting, SourceOne has developed integrated expertise in all these areas. We are staffed with veterans of the utility industry and professional electrical and mechanical engineers, making us uniquely situated to guide you through this complex process.


Medical Research Firm- Cogeneration Implementation
SourceOne managed the entire cogeneration effort including all business plan development, oversight of resource selection, negotiation with the affected LDC (NSTAR Electric & Gas Corporation), all gas provisioning, securing the interconnection approvals and all necessary environmental permitting.  SourceOne continues to actively track the carbon reductions that have been achieved due to the operations of the on-site generation.

NYPA Energy Efficiency – Turnkey Implementation
Under a multi-year contract, SourceOne has conducted energy audits and implemented millions of dollars of energy conservation measures for NYPA customers that ranged from large public institutions to small facilities, including Grand Central Terminal, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY Public Library, The Bronx Zoo and 17 others.

City of Vineland - Simple Cycle Power Plant (SCPP) Implementation
Representing the largest capital project in the City’s history, SourceOne oversaw the design, engineering and successful permitting of the 64MW Simple Cycle Power Plant (SCPP) of Vineland.