Financial Institution


Financial firms know that energy efficiency can improve the bottom line. Motivated further by a push to be environmentally conscious, financial firms are now more than ever interested in improving energy efficiencies and reducing their carbon footprint.



The size of a financial firm and its portfolio of assets under management will typically dictate its energy needs, but a business of any size can benefit from implementing energy efficiency measures, reducing consumption and better managing energy data. Most financial firms experience the following challenges:

  • Managing utility billing across multiple facilities in various locations and operating in a variety of foreign languages
  • Ensuring the utility company is providing enough power to maintain reliable and secure operation of critical facilities
  • Using energy in a fashion that's environmentally conscious  




SourceOne professionals understand the impact of establishing best practices in energy and implementing viable and practical changes.

  • With our online utility billing management system, customers are enabled to make well-informed decisions about their energy usage and potentially reduce costs
  • SourceOne online energy management tools provide 24/7 access to a holistic view of energy consumption
  • Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers are able to analyze existing systems to determine options for ensuring that large scale facility energy conversion needed for critical operation support is optimized for cost and for reliability
  • Energy efficiency and carbon management are integrated throughout all SourceOne services. We understand that protecting the environment is important for our communities and we want to help our customers make a difference