Higher Education


Higher Education clients typically provide operations for campus-wide energy needs. Facilities range from dormitory residences to academic buildings and athletic facilities. These sources can use a large amount of energy and ensuring energy efficiency is optimized can provide significant savings. 



Since universities and other entities providing higher education have multiple customers with various needs, they also have a vast array of energy requirements. 

  • Optimize energy efficiency to reduce the energy expense and budget uncertainty 
  • Ensure the facility is appropriately powered to handle the requirements of day-to-day operations
  • Provide a secure, available and reliable network for students to store data and conduct research




  • Implementing efficiency measures not only reduces the expense of energy, but also allows higher education entities to avoid the uncertainty of planning for energy costs. With years of experience analyzing systems and identifying measures to optimize energy use, SourceOne provides energy efficiency direction with the ultimate goal of reducing expenses and providing predictability for energy costs and budgeting. 
  • As experts in alternative energy solutions including cogeneration and renewable energy, SourceOne is able to determine feasibility, allocate project resources, and guide alternative energy solutions projects to success
  • SourceOne provides commissioning, re-commissioning and retro-commissioning services to ensure continued availability and reliability of data center facilities