Lifescience Firm - Carbon Tracking

Better managing their carbon footprint allowed one lifescience firm to make a difference in the current supply of nonrenewable energy sources.


One of the world's leading biotechnology companies made a commitment to conserve the current supply of nonrenewable energy sources, so that natural resources will be available for future generations. In order to meet their goals to conserve resources and reduce carbon footprint, the customer sought a solution to track their energy and carbon data. 



SourceOne provided a comprehensive energy management system to track both Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and energy use. By first collecting all historic invoice data and storing it in the system, SourceOne was able to provide a benchmark for the customer to track their GHG emissions. The tool calculates carbon footprint based on two components. The first is simple carbon tracking, which is based on the customer facilities’ gas and electric usage, multiplied by protocol-appropriate emissions factors. The second component incorporates data collected by the customer’s Environmental Team. The Environmental Team measures any non-utility carbon-producing asset and provides the data to the energy management system. The system then provides a fully documented and auditable calculation for carbon footprint and serves as an ongoing tracking tool to measure progress over time.




SourceOne’s energy and carbon management tool has provided the capability for the customer to track their carbon footprint in order to reach their company’s objectives -- to protect the environment and conserve the Earth’s supply of nonrenewable energy sources. By providing an online system, SourceOne has enabled tracking of their data independent of a third party, and to measure their progress against an established benchmark. Additionally the tool provides a historic view of energy use, transparent carbon emissions calculations and invoice images, which are key when the need for auditing arises. 

*For strategic reasons, client wished not to be identified.