Medical Research Firm - Cogeneration

As a result of this investment in infrastructure development, the customer has carbon reductions totaling approximately 36,000 metric tons per year.


A world leader in research and development of cancer treatment drugs, required a solution for the high price and poor reliability of utility service at the campus of their world headquarters.  At the time of their search, their entire campus was being serviced with thermal energy from a single source, whose financial longevity was questionable. With this single point of failure in mind, the customer began their search for a reliable long term solution that would support their growth and critical operations.  


The solution developed and presented by SourceOne was a new central energy plant to serve

six buildings with electricity and five with high pressure steam.  SourceOne completed the installation and commissioning of a 6 MW cogenerating unit.  The operation of the cogenerating plant serves the entire thermal load and majority of the electric load of the customer’s campus. SourceOne managed the entire cogeneration effort including all business plan development, oversight of resource selection, negotiation with the affected LDC (NSTAR Electric & Gas Corporation), all gas provisioning, securing the interconnection approvals and all necessary environmental permitting.  SourceOne continues to actively track the carbon reductions that have been achieved due to the operations of the on-site generation.


The implementation of a central energy plant and cogeneration system provided the customer with a more reliable and cost effective means to provide energy across its campus. The operation of a central plant also enabled them to implement additional conservation projects that have enhanced the value of the investment. As a result of this project the customer has carbon reductions totaling approximately 36,000 metric tons per year. 

*For strategic reasons, client wished not to be identified.