Public Sector


Local and State governments have energy responsibilities to the facilities and entities they own or manage. Some local governments even provide energy to the residents of their municipality, further requiring them to invest in energy related programs. 




For local and state governments managing energy for public facilities, energy concerns are similar to those of privately owned facilities: 

  • Is our facility operating at optimal efficiency?
  • Can we reduce our energy usage and energy cost?
  • How can we reduce our carbon footprint?

For local governments that provide residents with power, challenges include: 

  • Providing energy to residents at an acceptable cost
  • Enabling residents to view, understand and manage their energy usage
  • Improving response and resolution time during unexpected outages
  • ​Alternative energy generation systems




Energy efficiency solutions are a major component of SourceOne's business. Our professionals have extensive experience surveying and analyzing facilities to identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that will reduce energy usage, energy costs and carbon footprint. Our teams are also able to manage the implementation of ECMs. 

For municipalities that provide power service to residents, our teams are available for projects of various scale. We provide consultation on larger projects where towns and cities are exploring alternative energy solutions. And we also provide various solutions to manage energy usage data to provide residents with the opportunity to better manage their energy - reducing costs and carbon footprint.