Renewable Energy

Advances in technology, public support and reductions in price have continued to push renewable energy generation into the mainstream. Renewables represent an important opportunity to reduce emissions and increase energy independence. In some cases, installing your own renewable generation can also save money and increase resiliency.

SourceOne is solely interested in meeting our customer’s needs. We evaluate renewables projects holistically—financially, technically, environmentally—to make sure we only pursue projects that we are confident will be successful.

    We employ a team of energy-experts with deep and diverse backgrounds—electrical and mechanical engineers with commercial, industrial, and utility experience. This integrated team can evaluate and manage projects throughout all stages drawing from multiple perspectives. Our thorough and expert analysis ensures projects are seen through to successful completion.


    SourceOne’s expertise in this area fulfills customer requirements ranging from feasibility analysis for on-site generation, to project management for industrial scale commercial generation developments. SourceOne’s renewable energy services include:


    • Conducting a technical and financial feasibility study to recommend optimal and cost-effective solutions
    • Facilitating the interconnection of the renewable energy source with local distribution and transmission facilities. SourceOne has experience and expertise in navigating both local (Utility) and regional (ISO) interconnection processes.
    • Assisting in securing federal or state grants and utility incentives to fund renewable energy projects
    • Establishing a power purchasing agreement (PPA)
    • Owner’s representative services
    • Project management