New CEO of Veolia Energy North America Shares Vision of Efficient "Green Steam"

"Green" heating, cooling and cogeneration networks in Baltimore, Boston and Philadelphia to collectively reduce annual carbon emissions by the equivalent of removing nearly 160,000 cars from the streets

Boston, MA. - William "Bill" DiCroce, who was promoted to president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Veolia Energy North America in January 2013, today shared his vision for cogenerated "Green Steam" as a major contributor to the reduction in America's carbon emissions, while detailing the associated environmental benefits. In the central business districts of three of the company's major markets, Baltimore, Boston-Cambridge and Philadelphia, Veolia Energy has invested significant capital and made a commitment to cogeneration in order to simultaneously improve the long-term cost competitiveness of the networks, foster economic growth downtown, and significantly reducing the carbon footprint of each region.

"As an operator and developer of efficient energy solutions, we are dedicated to serving the thermal and electrical energy needs of downtown buildings in a manner that is both cost-competitive and environmentally-responsible," said DiCroce. "Our "Green Steam" projects in Baltimore, Boston and Philadelphia demonstrate that the pairing of cogeneration and district energy networks represents an extremely efficient urban energy solution that generates significant economic and environmental benefits to a city's businesses and residents."

Collectively, the three Veolia Energy "Green Steam" networks will soon reduce annual carbon emissions by nearly 950,000 tons annually. This is equivalent to the removal of nearly 160,000 cars from the road each year. To duplicate this impact using solar energy, the volume of solar photovoltaic panels needed would equate to the surface area of nearly 1,800 football fields.

"Green Steam" highlights by city include:

  • Baltimore - Veolia Energy produces and delivers heating and cooling to approximately 270 customers. The majority of the steam delivered to customers is "Green Steam" that originates from a waste-to-energy plant. Utilization of this plant reduces Baltimore's carbon emissions by approximately 40,000 tons per year, or the equivalent of removing 7,000 cars from the roads. In addition, the networks include an ice storage system that delivers more than 32,000 tons of cooling capacity and approximately 40 million ton-hours of low-temperature chilled water to customers with more than 11.5 million square feet, making it one of the largest ice thermal storage systems in the country.
  • Boston-Cambridge - In Boston and Cambridge, Veolia Energy's networks supply thermal energy to more than 250 customers, and Veolia Energy also operates and maintains the Medical Area Total Energy Plant (MATEP), which serves six prominent hospitals and was just awarded an Energy Star award by the U.S. EPA. Today, the utilization of cogenerated steam in these networks reduces carbon emissions by 310,000 tons per year. However, Veolia Energy is in the process of building an additional steam pipe to increase its utilization of "Green Steam". Once complete, total carbon emission reductions in Boston and Cambridge will increase to 475,000 tons per year, or the equivalent of removing 80,000 cars from the roads.
  • Philadelphia - In Philadelphia, Veolia Energy's network supplies thermal energy to more than 300 customers across 500 buildings. In January 2013, Veolia Energy commemorated the completion of a significant investment to convert the nation's third largest district energy system to 100 percent "Green Steam". By installing two new state-of-the-art rapid-response boilers at its cogeneration plant and expanding its natural gas capacity, Veolia Energy now reduces Philadelphia's carbon emissions by 430,000 tons per year, equating to the removal of 70,000 cars from the roads, and supporting Philadelphia's goal to reduce greenhouse gases by 20 percent by 2015.

Prior to his appointment as president and CEO, Mr. DiCroce had served as Executive Vice President of Veolia Energy North America since May 2011, and also as Chief Operating Officer since September 2009. He joined the company as Senior Vice President - East Region in June 2008. During his tenure, Mr. DiCroce has led efforts to integrate new businesses and improve the efficiency and performance of Veolia Energy North America's energy asset portfolio.

Veolia Energy supplies steam, hot water, chilled water and electricity to approximately 1,300 office buildings, hospitals, universities, hotels, sports and cultural centers, banks, retail establishments, government facilities, banks, schools, churches, museums and libraries across the Continental United States.

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