Testing & Commissioning

For mission critical facilities, success is measured by efficiency and reliability. SourceOne provides a full suite of Commissioning Services to ensure facilities with 24/7 functionality requirements are fully operational and performing reliably and efficiently. SourceOne has commissioned over 5 million square feet of data centers for commercial and mission critical environments. We help hospitals, data centers, universities and others mitigate risk, minimize downtime, and ensure their facilities are safe and compliant.



The SourceOne culture offers much more than the traditional commissioning agent.   We believe the purpose of commissioning is to not only certify that the systems are installed and operating per design; but also offers the last opportunity to identify design and operation weaknesses prior to facility acceptance by ownership.


With direction from our professionals, systems and equipment will undergo a process of inspection, documentation, performance testing, and deficiency correction to minimize costs for the building or facility owners through a reduction in unnecessary project costs, equipment energy consumption, as well as future operation and maintenance (O&M) costs. 

As your independent 3rd party commissioning agent, we engage early in the design and construction process to ensure your equipment functions as intended, delivering a platform for long-term operational success.  We work with design, construction and operations, ensuring facilities are constructed and commissioned properly, providing the best possible operation.